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Women Tourism in Africa

Women traveling in Africa are a rich adventure to the eco, community and cultural tourism for gender encouragement. The African woman is disadvantaged in many sectors of society and seeing women traveling on their own encourages the African woman to think otherwise. Apart from the safaris and tours to the wilderness and beaches of East Africa, Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd encourages women foreigners to visit the rural African woman to know what their daily chores are and to encourage them on the women development worldwide. With the cultural burden on circumcision, rape, girl child schooling, women inheritance, property ownership, gender in equality, child birth, and HIV Aids effects on the African woman, Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd encouraged community and cultural tourism in Africa in partnership with the leisure tours and safaris.

Women tourism in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa where women foreigners can tour freely day and night without being worried of their security since we supply 24 hours security to our women visitors. Once you book your tour with us, we arrange security for you and your group throughout your safari .With the support of Kenya tourist police, women travelers in Kenya need not be accompanied with their spouses during their travel with us. Our tour guides are experienced in women tourism and are client sensitive. We will take you to all places of you interest without any fuss.
Professor Wangare Nobel Laureate with a friend
Learn About the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Wangari Maathai - founder of the Green Belt Movement
If possible, we will arrange for you to meet members of the Green Belt Movement that was founded by the late Professor Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel peace prize winner. You will be taken through the genesis of the Green belt movement and what the future holds for the organization. 

Women Tourism in East Africa 

Women’s safaris in Africa have a special meaning, traveling slowly, listening intently, absorbing completely and taking back not just the memory of a travel and tourism but of an entire experience of the land visited. Special encounters with nature to diverse culinary experiences to spiritual awakenings, these safaris are a blend of travel, cross cultural interactions with urban women from similar cultural backgrounds takes place. Interact with women from diverse social and professional backgrounds at specially arranged meals or in their homes. Depending on where you travel, there can be intimate connections with rural village women, seeing their lives and understanding their fears and joys more closely. Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd support several Women's Non - Governmental Organizations and HIV/Aids Widowed women, whereby visitors are recommended to purchase items woven or handcrafted by them and their families.
Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd is a leading tour operator when it comes to women tourism and travel in Africa. We specialize in group, solo woman traveler, aged and slow walkers guided and escorted women safaris and tours in the wilderness and at the beaches of Lake Victoria, the beaches at the coast of east Africa, the Kakamega forest walking tours, the bull fighting ceremony in Vihiga and cock fighting ceremony at Lurambi in western Kenya. During the years, we have specialized in women travel. we have managed to take solo, group, aged and slow walkers, special interests women travel to several destinations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania 

Group (women) travelers in Africa

Women looking for travel companions with similar interests often find that taking a trip to Africa with a group of women is more fun and less stressful. Some of the best tours available today are those which offer the intimacy of small, specialized groups. These are usually women who are from all walks of life ready to explore African natural beauty. We are happy to associate with you and to make sure that we give you the best of our services in the safaris and tours in Africa. East African wilderness tours are the pride of most women and so are the luxury tented lodges in the same regions. Mombasa beaches is the best for group travelers as they walk along the longest sandy beaches charting with beach boys and curio traders along the Indian Ocean.



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