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Our company is involved in this type of tourism as a means to improve the local economy for local people. We link up with poor people in the rural areas so that poverty is reduced and poor people are able to participate more effectively in tourism development while earning an adequate income. The aims of pro-poor ranges from increasing local employment to involving local people in the decision making process. The most important factor is that poor rural people receive an increase in the net benefits from tourism.
The main purpose of this package is to take tourists in various parts of Africa, mostly east Africa which incorporates Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.
The ideal concept of philanthropic tourism is partially charity tourism as well as community based tourism for alleviation of poverty among the African poor communities. Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd tries to expose the poverty and the difficulty found within the African child, many orphans do not attend school while they languish within their rural set-ups and orphanages which are poorly managed due to lack of food, sanitation and housing. In view of the above concept Worldmate Travel and Tour Co. Limited develop this package for the local and foreign tourists to participate in the alleviation of poverty and misery among the African orphans. A child is having human right to go to school, feed and have a decent habitant, not to mention adequate sanitation facilities. Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd invites foreign and local tourists for visits into Africa orphanages and the African orphan children living in the rural and urban centers.


Philanthropy Tourism in East Africa

East Africa incorporates Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania which also Includes Pemba and Zanzibar islands. The stated countries of east Africa have their share. Of orphan children suffering from various difficulties which include: - lack of food, education and inadequate sanitary facilities not to mention parents. Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd has created this new package- orphanage tourism as a community based tourism concept as well as charity tourism package. We appeal to those individuals, corporate and non-governmental organizations who would want to make a tour and partner with us in helping the African child who is orphaned through natural disasters out of his/ her making to live a decent life and have various childhood requirements to partner with us.


Philanthropy Tourism in Kenya

In Kenya orphanage tourism is regarded as community based tourism which incorporates eco- tourism, cultural and charity tourism. Some regard it as pro-poor tourism. Kenya has its share of many orphans some of which have come street children and some live within orphanages which have been run down due to lack of financial capability to feed the lesser African child. In Kenya Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd take its clients to the slums in urban and rural areas which include urban centre slums and communities living within the slums in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. In the rural set up Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd takes its clients to western Kenya mostly which include Lake Victoria region, Nyanza and western provinces. In western Kenya, Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd has been taking its clients to the following communities i.e. the Luo, Luyha, Kisii and the Teso tribes who live around and within the Lake Victoria bas in. 


Philanthropy Tourism in Western Kenya

Western Kenya covers the part around Lake Victoria in Kenya. Various orphans live within the communities in western Kenya and very view live within the orphanages. The orphanages are located within Kisumu area, Asembo bay and Rarieda constituency, Siaya district which includes Alego/ Usonga constituencies. In these areas orphans live within the community with the older parents have many of which have died out of HIV- AIDS and some from various sicknesses. In Siaya district we visit the various orphanages which include the one run by the famous grandmother – Sarah Hussein Obama in Nyangoma Kogelo who happens to be the grandmother of the famous USA presidential candidate Senator Barrack Obama. This old lady has several children living within the community being taken care of by herself. A visit to the home stay will reveal to you the many orphans who are under the care of the old grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama.
Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd also visits another orphanage run by the Norwegians in Sakwa Bondo district and also visits the other orphanage based near Aram market in Asembo bay. In the urban centers of western Kenya Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd visits the orphanage based at Dunga beech in Kisumu district and the other ones based in the Kisumu slums of Nyalenda, Obunga and Kondele area. In Kakamega we have another orphanage where we take our visitors. 


Philanthropy Tourism in Uganda

Uganda has been ravaged by the famous HIV- AIDS syndrome, in view of this there are several children living in various orphanages scattered in the entire Uganda as a country. Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd in collaboration with other Uganda tour operators conduct tours and visits to both urban and rural orphanages. We further visit the rural communities who are keeping orphan children in their home stays for us to contribute towards alleviation of poverty among the orphan child.


Philanthropy Tourism in Tanzania

Tanzania is not left behind in this package of orphan tourism, in this case Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd has partnered with Tanzania tour operators and non-governmental organizations that are in the fore front in helping the poor African orphans living within the urban and rural set- ups. We traverse from lake Victoria on the northern part of Tanzania down to dar-es salaam in the south visiting various communities who need help to alleviate the poverty among the African orphan child who is living within the orphanages and with the old parents in the communities while the actually parents had long way passed away. This includes visits to Zanzibar and Pemba Island where we find some orphan children lazing on the streets and along the beaches.
Worldmate Travel and Tour Co. Limited urges those who would want to partner with us and make visit to various orphanages and communities living with the African orphaned child to book their safaris with us. 




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