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Filming in Africa has been dominated for several years by south Africa. This has been because South Africa opened up earlier than any other part in africa in terms of infrastructure and tourism. The film, "Ghosts and The Darkness was shot in south africa. Today, other parts of africa have been opened up and Countries in north africa are becoming more attractive in the developing of filming industries in their countries, these include Egypt, Nigeria and Niger.

Filming tourism in East Africa

East Africa has not been left out in the industry of filming.With its vast landscapes and wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania,east africa is being marketed worldwide as a filming site. Many films are being shot in the east african coast, on the mountains-Kenya, Kilimanjaro and also the Mt. Elgon. East Africa Wildlife sanctuaries and game parks dominate the hollywood movie makers diaries yearly with several films being shot in Kenya and Northern Tanzania game parks.

Filming Tourism in Kenya 

In the recent years, Kenya and by extension, africa has become a favorite location for hollywood movie makers to shoot films. Numerous feature films, comedies and documentaries have been produced here. Some of these have won international acclaim. In the list are: -
White Maasai, The Constant Gardener, Tomb Raider, The Cradle of life, To walk with Lions, Nowhere in Africa, The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, Sheena, Queen of jungle, Ode and Equator. 

Worldmate Travel & Tour Co. Ltd will do the following for you and your organization; We obtain the required licenses for the professional filming Crew and ensure that all the permits are ready by the time the safari begins. We also mobilize the local film making personnel and support staff, book various hotel accommodation and transport you and your staff to the film shooting sites within Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Photographic Tourism in Kenya

With its magnificent beaches both in Mombasa and Lake victoria, the 7th wonder of the world - Maasai Mara, wildlife sanctuaries, its people and their cultural behavior, Kenya is the centre for taking photos. In the years, professional photographers have visited Kenya annually and continuously.
We organize both Video and Still Photo Safaris for both amateur and Professional Photographers, individually or in groups. We ensure that all the permits are ready by the time safari begins. This covers general wildlife photography, bird photography, Cultural and Environmental themes. This covers the five countries of East Africa community - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. 



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